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Now, about fourty years after their first release, the entire work of the Beatles is reissued in a remastered Version.  Good sound, good news, but probably some years to late for Beatles Fans with age-related degenerated hearing abilities ;-)

I have to admit, that I am still impressed by the music of the Fab Four - you might guess my age... Over the years, I still have some all time favourites, but generally I listen these days preferably to other songs than 30 years ago. More Lennon and less McCartney. But this might change again, when I'm sixty-four...


Crystal Clear Beatles Sound - The Reissues 2009Crystal Clear Beatles Sound - The Reissues 2009


Update 2009/02/15: Winnner of the Award is the Frederik Koester Quartet. Congratulations!



Neuer Deutscher JazzpreisThe fourth edition of the  "New German Jazz Award Mannheim" (Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis) will take place next weekend 2009/02/13-14. It is Germany's lucrative Jazz Award and the award comes with a €10,000 purse for one of the three band, which will play on Saturday evening at Alte Feuerwache Mannheim. (Mannheim, the little neighboring city of Heidelberg...)

The three bands on stage have been chosen out of more than 200 applications. A panel of jazz critics - and musicians preselected 10 bands, and the curator - this year: pianist Joachim Kuehn - has chosen three of them to play on saturday:

Carsten Daerr Trio
Angelika Niescier & André Nendza
Frederik Koester Quartet

On Friday, the festival will open with the Lindy Huppertsberg Ensemble and the curator's band Joachim Kuehn's Kalimba.

The interesting and special about the New German Jazz Award is it's procedure to find the winner. The audience will decide! Everyone who attends the concert gets a voting card and after the three concerts the band with the simple majority is the winner. Besides the band prize, there is another one, for the best solo player. He will receive € 1.000.

My personal favorite is the Frederik Köster Quartet, but this year's nominees are very close. A tense evening ist guaranteed...


Das kulturelle Ereignis im Herbst in Heidelberg, Mannheim und Ludwigshafen hat am 2.10. begonnen: Enjoy Jazz 2007

Beim Jazzblogger wird laufend über das Festival berichtet - aktuell ist der Beitrag über das Eröffnungskonzert von Archie Shepp. In der Sendung Jazzology, im Freien Radio Rhein-Neckar bermuda.funk wird ebenfalls laufend berichtet, jeden Montag ab 21 Uhr auf 89,6 MHz (Mannheim, Ludwigshafen) und 105,4 (Heidelberg und Umgebung).