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Happy New Year 2009


New header and time to reactivate this blog. In the near future, I'll try to keep up with some up-to-date postings. Although this blog is called heidelberg-blogger.de or heidelberg-blogger.com it is not necessarily concerned with Heidelberg related topics. The blog is named in fact due to the fact, that it's author is born in Heidelberg and living near Heidelberg. So, considering that the environment influences the author and maybe the author casually little parts of his environment, it is justified to call this blog heidelberg-blogger.

The concept is, that all topics which are not too local referenced, will be in English, the German postings will be not interesting for readers outside the Heidelberg region ;-)

This might brush up my English, hopefully. If you're interested in Heidelberg related information, feel free to send your questions via E-Mail or as comments, here in this blog.



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