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As a geographer, interested in imagery and Internet, I was always fascinated by Google Earth. The possibility to watch almost any place of the world in sometimes stunningly resolution satellite images is just great. My enthusiasm even increased after I found the small but beautiful art collection of the Prado Museum in Madrid online. Fourteen masterpieces from their collection have been scanned in ultra high resolution and can be looked at in "google-style". That means you can zoon in the images to an extent, where you can see every stroke of the brush. Not only the resolution is great but also the lightning and image processing is just perfect. You should definitely have a look at Hieronymus Bosch's "Garten der Lüste" (The garden of earthly delights) and spend some time with this masterly and somewhat disturbing painting.

If you have not already installed Google Earth, just go here to dowload the latest version

Then search there for Museo del Prado, Madrid. If you have the geography layers enabled, a little sign "Museo Nacional del Prado" will appear - one click, and you can choose one of the 14 paintings. My favourites besides Bosch are the self portrait of Albrecht Dürer (Albrecht Duerer) and Goya's masterpiece "The third of may". But who wants to take preferences looking at those art treasures.